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The 4-leaf clover, History of a lucky charm


The origin of PassBonheur

The history of PassBonheur is deeply linked to the Covid-19 epidemic which has affected the entire world. Inasmuch asmymagnetizer, I worked non-profit, offering my care to those in need, purely through word of mouth. I never advertised my services or asked for payment for the care I provided. However, with the arrival of Covid-19,everything changed.

A solution to the crisis

When the epidemic hit, everything stopped. I was no longer able to receive as many people in theneed comfort. It was at that moment that I had the idea of creating PassBonheur, in a nod to the Health Pass which had just been introduced in France. My goal was to be able to continue sendingpositive energies to those who needed it, despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. And this is how thefour Leaf Clover became the symbol ofPassHappiness.

PassBonheur today

Since its creation,PassHappiness has evolved into an online store that allows transmit bhappiness and luck to all those who are in search of these values. The four-leaf clover,symbol of luck and happiness, is now accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in the world. PassBonheur has become a source of hope in a world where challenges are increasingly numerous. What's better thanoffer hope in these difficult times?

And for my part, I returned to my small office where everyone is welcome

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